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In House

General Information

In-House basketball is a community based developmental program for beginning or less experienced players in which players learn the fundamentals of basketball through practices and games.  It is not uncommon to have players without any experience playing in all levels of our house league .


K - 4th Grade runs September - November

K - 2nd Grade - Elk River League

This level of play introduces young players to fundamentals of basketball.  Teams will have a team practice in Elk River for 1 hour a week, have a skills training session with high school coaches for 1 hour a week, and will compete each Saturday morning at Elk River gyms in standard skill drill competitions followed by a game.  Game scores are not kept at this level.  There are no referees. Coaches are on the court during games to help guide players.  As the season progresses players are encouraged to follow basic rules such as no traveling, double dribble, etc.  Baskets are set at 8  feet.  Kindergarteners ready to play in-house basketball are welcome to participate. 

3rd - 4th Grade - elk river league

Fundamentals and skills continue to be emphasized at this level. However, coaches also introduce the girls to game play strategies. Players compete each Saturday morning in standard skill drill competitions followed by a scored, refereed regular game.  Players receive equal playing time.  Baskets are set at 9 feet.  Our program is designed to develop players at all levels from beginners to those with a few years of experience.  Players will have a 1 hour team practice a week, a 1 hour skills training session with high school coaches and a game/skills contest Saturday morning. 

5th - 12th grade - Rogers League

Elk River girls will combine with Rogers to form teams.  Practices and games are held in Rogers.    Please register through the Rogers site.


Team rosters are formed by the In-House director with the assistance of other board members.  We strive to create evenly balanced teams based on coach evaluations from the previous year.  There will be no “trading” of players without the approval of the In House director and both head coaches.  Coaches will contact parents with preliminary practice times after the coaches meetings.


Volunteer coaches are needed in order for In-House to be a success!  Please be available for one night of team practice, help/learn at skills sessions with high school coaches, and Saturday morning games.  If you are interested in coaching, please make that indication while registering your daughter. Coaches must register online prior to the meeting to collect information needed to issue gym permits and run mandatory background screenings, which are required for all coaches every 3 years. 

A mandatory coaches clinic is designed to help guide all coaches with age appropriate drills & skills.  It is also when coaches receive rosters and equipment bags, sign up for practice times and go over rules. 


If you are a high school student interested in refereeing In-House games this season, please contact the in-house director or  assistant. Referee training is held in early September.

In-House Refund Policy

See the current policies and handbook for current refund policies. Questions or concerns should be sent to the In-House Directors.

House Season Details

Grades K-4

Registration OPEN
Player Registration Form

Early Bird Ends

Registration Closes

Team Selections Finalized
Coach meeting, Clinic & Equipment Distribution

Coach Registration Form
Additional background check
and concussion training are required and will occur after you register.

Referee Training

Practice Starts

Games Begin

Mid-Season Jamboree

Team Photos

End-of-Season Tournament

4th Grade Travel Tryouts
Player registration closes the day of evaluations.
Coach Registration