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Mask Requirements & Exemptions

By Lora Meier, 01/11/21, 9:30PM CST


There have been many questions about face mask requirements and why we require them.  ERGYB has to follow the guidelines of the district in order to use the district facilities.  ISD728 has adopted the guidelines set by MYAS/MYBA which has face coverings/masks required at all times, this includes practices, games, or competitions.  MYAS/MYBA have recently updated their exemption guidance for face coverings/masks.  Exemptions are given to individuals who have medical conditions, disabilities, mental health, developmental, or behavioral needs that make it difficult to wear a mask or face covering.  Exemptions must be obtained in writing from a licensed medical professional who is registered, licensed, certified, or authorized by the state to provide medical treatment and practicing within the person’s medical training and scope of practice.

Click here for the full MYAS/MYBA Mask/Face Covering Guidance.

ERGYB will honor all exemptions that meet the MYBA/MYAS requirements.  The following information is required by Community Ed and ERGYB before the exemption will be recognized:

  1. Name of player, name of coach, and location and times of practice(s).
  2. Completed ISD728 Face Coverings Exemptions Form for Medical Reasons.
  3. The Coach must have a physical copy of exemption.
  4. ERGYB’s COVID Compliance Manager (CCM) must also have a copy of the exemption and completed ISD728 exemption form (these can be electronic copies) – ERGYB’s CCM is Becky Langley (
  5. Before tournaments ERGYB/coach is responsible for notifying the hosting organization of a player with an exemption.