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Travel Program

General Information

Travel basketball is a more competitive program and requires a much greater commitment from both the players and the parents.  Practices will take place in the evenings usually two times per week with tournaments being played about every other weekend.

Travel basketball is not an “equal playing time” program like the In-House program. Equal play is encouraged in 4th and 5th grade travel teams. In 6th grade and above, coaches are encouraged to make sure all girls play a minimum of 25% of a given tournament. Coaches are also encouraged to put the most competitive team on the floor; however, there are many factors that can influence a girl’s playing time. In addition to skill level, they will include: attitude, effort, practice attendance, sportsmanship (player and parent), competitiveness of the game and teamwork.

Additional Costs

The majority of the tournaments will be within the metro area, with the exception of one overnight tournament.  In addition to the travel fee that covers the tournament registration fees and gym use, there are other financial considerations such as admission fees for spectators, uniform purchase if required, travel to and from tournaments, meals and concessions to take into account.  

Required Volunteer Hours

Parents of all travel players are expected to volunteer time during the tournaments that we host. 

In order to fulfill the necessary gate and concession slots for our locations, each family is expected to volunteer a total of 9 hours per player with a family maximum of 12 hours.

These hours are divided in to three  3-hour shifts. For families with more than one player in our program one additional 3 hour shift is required.

Only head-coaches are exempt from completing volunteer hours; otherwise a  volunteer check will be collected at try-outs.  ERGYB will hold this check until the volunteer shifts are completed, and the check will be returned or destroyed. 

More information will come out in December and March regarding signing up for your volunteer hours.


Team size will range from 8-10 players depending on the number of girls trying out and skill level.  The number of teams will be dictated by the number of participants and skill levels. All girls who are interested in playing travel basketball must attend the tryout session for your grade level.


Tryouts will consist of a series of drills and game type situations that are conducted by a independent evaluators. Board members or parents will not be considered as evaluators. Tryouts will also be “closed” to everyone except the players, evaluators, coach candidates and Travel Director. Please note that players who attend tryouts may not make a Travel team.

Girls not ready for the Travel program will be automatically registered in the In-House program if they do not make a Travel team and the cost differential will be refunded.

Teams will be selected immediately following tryouts and posted on this website with the season officially starting in October.


Volunteer coaches are needed in order for Travel to be a success!

Travel coaches register online to collect information needed to issue gym permits and run mandatory background screenings. submit to a board interview before being player evaluations. Head coaches must also submit to an interview during the August board meeting.

Refund Policy

Travel registrants not placed on a team (cuts) will receive 100% refund of fees paid and be eligible for in-house registration at the rate from which the travel registration occurred. 

Travel registrants NOT attending tryouts will receive 75% refund of fees paid and will not be placed on a team.

After travel rosters are posted, there will be no refunds of fees or deposits.

See the current policies and handbook for additional refund policies.

Please see updated refund policy for the 2020-2021 season below.

2020-2021 Refund Policy

The board has a refund policy in place that we want to make you aware of in case more tournaments are cancelled. We also want to let all of you know that because of COVID-19 our gym fees have gone up significantly because of the new Community Ed requirement of always having a building supervisor on hand to help with cleaning. In the past, custodians were the coverage in the buildings.

The refund policy will be as follows:

5th-8th grade
7+ tournaments = No refund
5-6 tournaments = 25% refund
3-4 tournaments = 50% refund
1-2 tournaments = 75% refund

4th grade
4 tournaments = 25% refund
2-3 tournaments = 50% refund
1 tournament = 75% refund
0 tournaments = 100% refund

As you all know, we were not able to host our own basketball tournament. This is where we make a big portion of the money we use to run the program. If more tournaments are cancelled and refunds are made, please consider donating your registration fee to the program to help offset the loss of our tournament and the increase in practice costs.

Travel Season Details

Registration Open
Player Registration Form

Coach Interviews
Coach Registration Form
08/09 at ER Golf Course
After you have registered, you will be sent
details to submit background checks and
complete concussion training.

Coach meeting, practice time selection &  equipment distribution
6:30 on 10/13 at Vandenberge
Must register as a coach prior to this meeting

Early Bird Ends

09/29 - 7th Grade
10/01 - 5th Grade
10/06 - 8th Grade
10/08 - 6th Grade

Located at Vandenberge. Check-in begins at 5:30.  Tryouts begin at 6:00. Parent meeting at 7:45.
Player registration closes the day of evaluations

Practice Starts
The week of 10/TBD

Season Begins

Team Photos
January 21st at Salk Middle School

4th Grade Coach meeting, practice time selection &  equipment distribution
Must register as a coach by November 4th

4th Grade Early Bird Ends

4th Grade Evaluations
Tentative Date: 11/15
Player registration closes the day of evaluations
Coach registration due November 4th

4th Grade Practice Starts

4th Grade Season Starts

Elk River Girls Tournament
January 2-3, 2021
Link to DIBS when available for volunteer shifts

Rochester Tournament
CANCELLED for 2021
Book Kahler Inn online or call (800)533-1655 for discounted rates of $129 / $149

MYAS Girls State Tournament
February 27 - 28, 2021
Multiple locations

Elk River hosts MYAS Boys State Tournament
TBD 2021
Link to DIBS when available for volunteer shifts

End of Season Coaches Meeting

Coordinators Travel

Travel League Questions and Concerns

Travel News

Volunteer Hours

By Becky Langley 02/26/2021, 12:30pm CST

Requiring only a 2-hour shift per player

To our travel families:

As you know, we were not able to host our annual tournament due to the "pause" in activities. Our tournament is our biggest fundraiser every year and pays for the other tournaments and gym time. That being said, we are fortunate that we are able to be a boys state tournament host again this year and we need some help. We have lowered the required volunteer hours and are asking for 2 hours per player and a 4 hour family maximum. You can go to our website and sign up for a slot under DIBS. There will not be concessions at any of the schools so it is mostly sanitizing between games.

You also have the option to donate your check to ERGYB if you choose not to fulfill the hours or wish to help recoup the funds lost because we were not able to host our tournament in January. If you would like to donate your volunteer check please email our treasurer at