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Team Registration CLOSED!

The Elk River Girls Basketball Tournament on Jan. 2-3, 2021 has been cancelled.    We hope to see everyone again on Jan. 8-9, 2022.  Questions contact Chad -

Click here for tournament info and registration link.


Rochester Tournament Cancelled

February 20 - 21, 2021

The board has decided to cancel the Rochester tournament this year.  With the COVID restrictions put into place by the Kahler Inn and the uncertainty of the day(s) of play and number of spectators allowed for the tournament ERGYB has decided to skip Rochester this season.  Instead everyone will play at the STMA tournament that weekend.  ERGYB knows that Rochester is a season favorite and understand that there will be many disappointed players and parents but feel this is the best decision for our organization.  ERGYB will notify the Kahler Inn of our decision, but would recommend that if you have already booked your room you cancel it.

Kahler Inn  (800) 533-1655

2020-2021 Refund Policy for Travel League

The board has a refund policy in place that we want to make you aware of in case more tournaments are cancelled. We also want to let all of you know that because of COVID-19 our gym fees have gone up significantly because of the new Community Ed requirement of always having a building supervisor on hand to help with cleaning. In the past, custodians were the coverage in the buildings.

The refund policy will be as follows:

5th-8th grade
7+ tournaments = No refund
5-6 tournaments = 25% refund
3-4 tournaments = 50% refund
1-2 tournaments = 75% refund

4th grade
4 tournaments = 25% refund
2-3 tournaments = 50% refund
1 tournament = 75% refund
0 tournaments = 100% refund

As you all know, we were not able to host our own basketball tournament. This is where we make a big portion of the money we use to run the program. If more tournaments are cancelled and refunds are made, please consider donating your registration fee to the program to help offset the loss of our tournament and the increase in practice costs.


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Contact Information

Elk River Girls Youth Basketball
P.O. Box 235
Elk River MN 55330

Also contact to each board member directly.


The mission of Elk River Girls' Basketball Association is to promote girls' youth basketball at all competitive levels and to provide opportunities to develop skills while acting with integrity to encourage sportsmanship and teamwork.